The Reason of Evil

A strange phenomenon takes place in a prosperous and cosmopolitan city in the West; initially, it appears as a mere irritating mishap, but it soon turns into a much more insidious threat, one that is able to transform its citizens’ most intimate convictions. The author masterfully chronicles this incident which affects all echelons of society and in turn recreates the process of society’s decomposition, from condemnation, fear and suspicion, to pillaging, magic and superstition. Amidst all this chaos, a love story is serenely constructed, immersed in the time of the slow restoration of a mythological painting in which the artist dared to invite the spectator to dream of another destiny for Orpheus and Eurydice. Argullol reminds us of the indispensible value of lucidity and memory: to look back, like Orpheus did to rescue his loved one from Hades, does not necessarily lead to condemnation.

Published by: Acantilado
Edition: First
Collection: Narrativa
Year: 2015
First edition: Ediciones Destino, 1994
Translation: italian (Edizione Lindau, 2019)