The Hero and the Only

In The Hero and the Only, Rafael Argullol penetrates the brilliant, conceptual world of Romanticism, and focuses on an essential element of the romantic conception of man: the relationship between the figure of the hero –epitome of human beings themselves– and the tragic horizon that is revealed as their foundation. In order to do this, he dialogues with three decisive poets: Hölderlin, Keats and Leopardi, and he follows the poetic-philosophical thread that unities them all, linking it to the tragic knowledge of the ancient Greeks. The result is not only an investigation into the image of man in Antiquity or in Romanticism, but also an in-depth reflection on contemporary humanity in the context of the great romantic quest for freedom.

Published by: Acantilado
Edition: First
Collection: El Acantilado, 162
Year: 2008
First edition: Taurus Editorial, 1984