The End of the World as a Work of Art

This book introduces us into the visual staging of an idea: the end of the world, which occupies the stage through successive incarnations in which historical events and fictional characters are combined. Rafael Argullol has chosen seven «protagonists»: Prometheus, Aeschylus’s hero, and, along with him, the world of Greek tragedy; the Apocalypse of Saint John; Michelangelo’s Final Judgment; Faust as a symbol that escapes Goethe’s domain; the twilight of the gods and Wagnerian scenography; Hitler, in his dream of being an architect; the Nuclear Mushroom, as a cursed icon of our times seen from the point of view of the physicist Oppenheimer. This text offers plural readings as it is simultaneously a narrative trajectory and philosophical introspection.

Published by: Acantilado
Edition: First
Collection: Acantilado Bolsillo, 10
Year: 2007
First edition: Ediciones Destino, 1990