The Attraction of the Abyss

The Attraction of the Abyss is a journey through romantic landscape painting. For the romantic painters, the landscape does not only entail a physical border which can be easily accessed, rather it is the stage in which the tension –often times dramatic– between nature and the human spirit is represented. Through the work of Friedrich, Turner, Fuseli, Piranesi or Escher, Rafael Argullol brings us closer to the keys of the romantic landscape and the actual tragic spirit of Romanticism. As of what he calls «an imaginary subjective museum», Argullol puts romantic landscape painting in relation to the art of the previous era, especially that of the Renaissance –Da Vinci, Raphael…– and also to contemporary painting –Munch, Van Gogh, Max Ernst, Magritte– pointing to the possibility of analyzing the development of Western culture as of the diverse modes of pictorial representation.

Published by: Acantilado
Edition: First
Collection: El Acantilado
Year: 2012
First edition: Editorial Bruguera, 1983. Reedited in 2006