Territory of the Nomad

The nomad’s territory is that of the modern artist. As an eternal pilgrim from a place of fading horizons, the artist becomes a traveler who refuses to remain a prisoner of reason and instead aspires to the «superabundance of the table of the gods.» Somewhere between essay and narration, Rafael Argullol presents us with different texts. Some of them are about poetic journeys constructed as of a particular feeling of radical exile: Hölderlin, Cernuda, Novalis. Others, like «Faust and Art,» analyze this feeling from the parameters of European culture in order to affirm how it describes a fundamental aspect of our times.

Destined to reflect on the evolution of reality and simulacra, the texts that compose this book outline the fragile and uncertain limits of a nomadic territory as of classical elements and novel approaches.

Published by: Fondo de Cultura Económica
Edition: First
Year: 1987