Passions according to Rafael Argullol

Conversations with Fèlix Riera

What is a passion? We could resort to many definitions, but none would be fully satisfactory. Without a doubt, in the absence of passions we fall into apathy and indifference, because they are the lifeblood of life, but sometimes they also lead us to delirium and destruction. Perhaps that is why tradition has alternately praised or rejected them: passions can elevate us to the best version of ourselves or reduce us to the worst, make us generous or selfish, loving or detestable, creators of beauty or horror… But in any case, it is impossible for us to dispense with them, because they are as decisive for our existence as blood, bones, heart or brain: human beings are their passions. In conversations with Fèlix Riera that make up this extraordinary book, Rafael Argullol reflects on love, thirst for power, anger, gear and other inclinations that are the stuff of our lives and, consequently, literature, arts and universal thought. A fascinating exploration of the human condition in its essence and nudity.

Translation: Maite Madinabeitia
Published by: Acantilado
Edition: 1st
Year: 2020