From the Ganges to the Mediterranean

From the Ganges to the Mediterranean is the result of a dialogue between the Spanish thinker Rafael Argullol and the Indian thinker Vidya Nivas Mishra. The mediator is Òscar Pujol Riembau, a well-known Sanskrit expert. The book revolves around five questions agreed on beforehand which painstakingly examine some nuclear concepts that configure the collective imaginary of all cultures: man and the universe, time and history, the sacred and its relationship to the secular. It also points to the possibility of a humanism that is not narrowly anthropological, but rather biocentric, directed towards life in its totality, a transcultural humanism that integrates the plurality of values in a harmonious and diverse whole. And finally, it discusses the possibility of establishing a real dialogue among cultures beyond the mere interchange of formalisms.

Published by: Siruela
Edition: Second
Collection: Biblioteca de Ensayo / Serie mayor, Serie Mayor 31
Year: 2004